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Apr 8, 2020

Weeks into this COVID-19 pandemic and the mood has definitely shifted. We went from a "this isn't too bad" to "I'm so over this" mentality. Our lives are in disarray, a lot has been given up, and many of us are feeling frustrated and maybe even angry. Some days we're at our wit's end. Whether we are trying to attempt homeschooling on top of working from home or we are empty nesters grieving the freedom of going anywhere outside of a 3 block radius, we are all being effected by this one invisible virus. Even us, here at the Rise Up and Shine podcast, are figuring out how to use new technology to record this episode virtually, as we are both near opposite ends of California and not in our usual studio. Join our talk in this week's episode as we share common struggles and frustrations and offer up important tips to get us all thriving during this pandemic rather than merely surviving.